i do love dr sahu

today i had the pleasure of seeing my wonderful haematologist, dr sahu. a petite man with a tiny waist and unusually hairless skin… jo and i aren’t sure if he even has facial hair… but he is lovely and made me feel very positive today.

basically i went along for my normal week 2 bloods and dressing change for mr PICC line, and mentioned that i had some chest pain which seemed a bit worse since the weekend. the wonderful pevensey team sprung into action and did an ECG, then nice swift dressing change and slight reposition of line (it turns out that when i have had a bit of a pinchy digging in feeling it was a bit of plastic tubing digging in… ooops!) blood came up nicely (thank you for prayers). then as luck would have it, the ward round was going on so dr sahu popped in to the day unit to see me. i got sent for a chest x ray, which took a while to sort out as they wanted a porter to take me. i tried pointing out that i’d be fine to walk there, after all i had managed to walk in to the hospital without keeling over… (eventually i was allowed to walk there with a nurse escort. a bit ridiculous!).

next i had to walk up and down the ward with a sats probe on to monitor my oxygen levels as i walked. i can’t remember what this is testing for – (physios, nurses help me out, its been a while since i did wards!) on my return from x ray dr sahu had a good listen to my chest and heart and reassured me he didn’t think it was anything to worry about, and that the ECG was normal. what was really cool was that he felt my neck and said the lumpy nodes there had completely gone down! i hadn’t even thought about them recently! he also said the chest pain could be ludwig shrinking and pulling on all the tissues he has wound himself around at the front of my chest (die ludwig die). it was so reassuring to see how certain he is of success. he thinks that at my 3 month scan the tumour will have shrunk to 50% its original size, and that all the mess with the heart and pericardium will be resolved! hurrah! then at 6 months it should all be completely gone. he was really confident of this which i think is really encouraging as dr’s normally have to be quite cagey about this kinda stuff in case they get it wrong. it makes me feel so much more positive about chemo when tells me stuff like that. especially hearing him objectively say my neck nodes are normal again.

what was most amusing today was that during my line change, blood test etc jo felt a bit faint, so the nurses had to get him juice and fruit! (turns out he hadn’t drunk any fluids all day. dumbass.) i had to mention it in the blog as even though he didn’t pass out or anything it was rather funny! i was so glad jo took the afternoon to come with me as i did get worried. just because lately when i’ve had investigations and tests for things, it doesn’t bring good news. just him being beside me was so calming and wonderful. it did make me think i would much rather have a hospital buddy when i go in, even for the non chemo days, because you never know what might come up.

so there it is! another monday! oh and for those of you who are interested the knitting went very wrong today. mum will have to rescue it at the weekend. alas.



About Rach

I am 29, wife to the lovely and amazing Jo, Mummy to the gorgeous and wonderful Noah who is nearly 2. I work as a Children's Physiotherapist. I was diagnosed with 2B Hodgkin Lymphoma on 15th October 2010 and started my fight against it on Monday 18th with a nice whack of Chemotherapy!! What is ahead of us is scary but we have a great God who knows what is before us. And we have modern medicine which is bloomin marvellous! I decided to blog as it saves lengthy facebook status's and long repetitive replies to messages etc.. I am new to this though so it may be boring from time to time but I'll try and keep it entertaining!! Thank you for reading xxx
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19 Responses to i do love dr sahu

  1. cristy says:

    Hey Rach,

    Ben here not Cristy! Really pleased it went well today – sounds really positive. Particularly liked the comments re. Jo, and your ‘dumbass’ cus!

    Much love

  2. Little Hayley says:

    Hey Rach

    What a great day for you! Sending big cool dancery style hugs

    Hayles xxxx

  3. Kate says:

    Glad you have had some positive news 🙂 praying hard here for Ludwig to die fast !

    Kate xx

    p.s. I’m lovin the no punctuation style… As I never know where those silly commas should go anyway 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    Great news Rach!! Still no landline in my new flat, but will try to call you again soon xx

  5. cristy says:

    actually is cristy here now!
    i think many people would like to shake dr sahu by the hand too! he sounds great! so glad it was a positive experience. and that jo was there too. looking forward to seeing you tomoro and giving you a bit of loving. xx p.s jo=dumbass

  6. Miriam says:

    Great news! Really positive. Well done Joe!!

  7. Jo Woodey says:

    Hay Rachel, so glad it went well for you yesterday, still thinking and praying for you all! xxx

  8. Zoe & Andy S says:

    Fantastic news Rachel. Keep fighting. Keep positive. You are at the top of our prayer list. Go girlie. xxxx

  9. Zoe & Andy S says:

    Fantastic news Rachel. Keep fighting girlie. You are at the top of our prayer list. xxxx

  10. Benson Family says:

    We are still praying for you here in Canterbury too… you are at the top of the prayer board! Sounds like you are doing great, savouring the good, stomping on the bad (DIE LUDWIG DIE) and taking it one day at a time. Please receive a mega cyber hug right now….coming through…and one for Jo…and a little one for Noah (who doesn’t know who the heck we are: yuck, cyber hug from weird lady). Lots of love from the Bensons xxxx

  11. Naomi George says:

    So pleased for you to have had some positive news! We are praying for you in Swansea! Much love

  12. Aunty Judith says:

    Great news, pleased to hear its working. Keep mentioning any peculiarities, it all helps. As for the knitting, with a bit of luck one square might be completed by the time the treatment finishes!! Lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Pj says:

    I don’t think Jo’s dumb

  14. cheryl says:

    Glad your news was good today, keep fighting stay strong your a winner, go girl xx

  15. Jen Hogg says:

    Lovely Rach,
    So pleased to hear that the Doc is being fabulous, sounds like you’ve got such a good team around you – hoorah! Awesome to hear that Ludwig is doing as he must – shrivel and die! You’re such a star and are doing so well. Loads of love and prayers x

  16. Rob Mortimer says:

    Just visited via Real Men Write Long Copy.

    Best of luck with the treatment, glad it sounds like it’s going well. Keep strong 🙂

  17. Katie says:

    Also just visited via the wonderful Mr Mance’s site…it’s great he inspired you! All the very best with the treatment. Best wishes to your family. Katie

  18. vicki says:

    Hey there, came across this blog and just had to reply. Isn’t Dr sahu the coolest bloke ever! He treated me for hodgkins lymphoma Sept 09 – Feb 10 and I still see him now for check ups as am in remission (almost 3 years yippee!) hope you’re ok and on the road to recovery? I was stage 4b it wasn’t pleasant! All good now and since had a baby.
    Anyway, take care and hope your sahu and pevensey ward experience was as great as mine. Teresa was a fab nurse there!

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